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Plane figures
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During the first few weeks of school we will be reviewing geometry.  We will review plain (2-D) and solid (3-D) figures.  Check out the shape name in the table below to find the properties of each.

Plain             Solid
Rectangle Rectangular Prism
Square Cube
Triangle Sphere
Circle Pyramid
Hexagon Triangular Prism
Octagon  Cylinder
Trapezoid  Cone

We will also be working with whether or not a figure has symmetry.  A figure has symmetry if when divided it has two identical parts.  A figure can have several lines of symmetry. 
Figures that are congruent to each other are the same size and the same shape.  One shape can be laid on top of the other and it will look like only one figure.  This figure can be flipped, rotated or slid in order to fit on top of the other figure. 

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