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To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Recommendation of Ms. Lisa Lemetti

1 am very pleased to recommend Ms. Lisa Lemetti for the Program in your school. 1 have known Lisa since Spring, 1991 when she took my class QMS 322: Production Management. She received B+ grade. She missed A grade with small margin. This class is a very demanding one but she demonstrated hard work as well as high analytical capability. Academically she has well prepared herself for graduate work.

She has an extremely pleasant personality so that she works well with other people. Judging from her personality, 1 am sure that she will demonstrate leadership capability in future. She communicates very well with others in both oral and written English.

She has been taking Karate lessons and through Karate discipline she has developed strong sense of perseverance at the same time very polite attitude.

She has the ability, desire, and perseverance required to make a successful businessperson.

1 most strongly recommend her.

Kosaku-±oshida~Ph ~D~
Professor, Dept. of Finance/Quantitative Methods