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Charter College of Education 

Division of Educational Foundations & Interdivisional Studies 

Lía D. Kamhi-Stein  
Associate Professor  

Office: KH C2056 
Phone: (323) 343-5506 
FAX: (323)343-5336 
Email: lkamhis@calstatela.edu  


Lía D. Kamhi-Stein is originally from Argentina, where she was an English as a foreign language (EFL) learner, an EFL teacher, a language program administrator, and a teacher educator.

She has published in TESOL Quarterly, TEXT, TESOL Journal, The Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy, College ESL, Lectura y Vida, as well as other peer-edited journals, and edited books. She is the editor of the book titled Learning and Teaching from Experience: Perspectives on Nonnative English-speaking Professionals (University of Michigan Press) and the co-editor (with Marguerite Ann Snow) of a forthcoming book titled Designing a New Course for Adults (TESOL).

Lía D. Kamhi-Stein is a frequent presenter at the annual conferences of the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and the California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL).

Currently, she is a Director-at-Large of the TESOL organization (2004-2007). She also served as a Faculty Advisor for the TESOL Graduate Student Forum (2003, 2004), a student-run mini-conference in which Cal State LA MA in TESOL students served as co-organizers (with MA in TESOL students from three other schools). In 2001-2002, she served as Chair of the Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL (NNEST) Caucus, an interest group designed to encourage research and publications on issues related to NNES professionals and strengthen effective teaching and learning of English around the world while respecting individuals' language rights.

Lía D. Kamhi-Stein is a past President of California TESOL (2002-2003). In 2000-2001, she served as CATESOL's Secretary and in 1999 she founded California TESOL's Nonnative Language Educators' Issues Interest Section. From 1995 through 1999, she served as Conference Chair or Program Chair of several CATESOL regional and state conferences.She is a recipient of the Outstanding Professor Award for 2003-2004.


Lía D. Kamhi-Stein teaches a variety of courses in the MA in TESOL program: TESL 560: Theories of Teaching and Learning Second Languages; TESL 562: Methods of Teaching Second Languages; TESL 565: Using Computers in the Second Language Classroom; TESL 568: Practicum in English as a Second Language; TESL 570, Educational Sociolinguistics; and TESL 575: ESL/EFL Reading-Writing Connections.


Lía D. Kamhi-Stein's research interests include issues related to academic literacy, nonnative English-speaking professionals, and the integration of technology in the second and foreign language classroom.

Representative Professional Activities



in press Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (Ed.). (in press). Learning and teaching from experience: Perspectives on Nonnative English-speaking professionals. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press.
forthcoming Snow, M. A., & Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (Eds). (forthcoming). Designing a new language course for adults. To be published in 2004 by TESOL.



forthcoming Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (forthcoming). Research perspectives on nonnative English-speaking professionals. In P. Bruthiaux, D. Atkinson, W. Eggington, W. Grabe, & V. Ramanathan, (Eds.), Applied linguistics in focus: Language education, academic discourse analysis, and language policy: Studies in honor of Robert B. Kaplan on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Clevedon, England: Multilingual Matters.
2003 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2003). Reading in two languages: How attitudes toward home language and beliefs about reading affect the behaviors of "underprepared" second language college readers. TESOL Quarterly, 37(1), 35-71.
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2002 Snow, M. A., & Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2002). Teaching and learning academic literacy through Project LEAP: Learning-English-for-Academic-Purposes. In J. Crandall & D. Kaufman (Eds.), Content-based instruction (pp. 169-181). Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
2001 Kamhi-Stein, L. D., Aagard, A., Ching, A., Paik, A., Sasser, L. Teaching in K-12 programs: Perceptions of native and nonnative English-speaking practitioners. The CATESOL Journal, 13(1), 69-88.
2000 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2000). Looking to the future of TESOL teacher education: Integrating Web-based bulletin board discussions into the methods course. TESOL Quarterly, 34(3), 423-456.
2000 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2000). Integrating computer-mediated communication tools into the practicum. In K. E. Johnson (Ed.), Teacher education (pp. 119-135). Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
2000 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2000). Adapting US-based TESOL teacher education to meet the needs of nonnative English speakers. TESOL Journal, 9(3), 10-14.
1999 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (1999). Preparing nonnative English-speaking professionals in TESOL: Implications for teacher education programs. In G. Braine (Ed.), Non-native educators in ELT (pp. 147-160). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
2000 Kamhi-Stein, L. D. (2000). Nonnative English-speaking professionals: A new agenda for a new millennium. MEXTESOL Journal, 23(3), 11-20.



2004 TESOL' 04, Long Beach, CA
"Addressing Nonnative English-speaking Teachers and Teacher Educators" Academic Session, Teacher Education Interest Section
"Teacher Education and Nonnative English-speaking Teachers" Annual Colloquium, Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL Caucus
"Memorial Session for Russell Campbell and David E. Eskey" CATESOL-Sponsored Session
2003 CATESOL' 03, Pasadena, CA
"Preparing Nonnative English-speaking professionals" Colloquium participant
2003 TESOL' 03, Baltimore, MA
"Constructing meaning with computers" Academic Session, Computer-Assisted-Language-Learning Interest Section
2002 TESOL' 02 - Salt Lake, UT
"Nonnative English-Speaker Status as Strength" Energy Break

Please click here for addtional publications and presentations in pdf format.


Ph.D., Language, Literacy, and Learning, 1995 
University of Southern California 

M.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1991 
California State University, Los Angeles 

B.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1985 
Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

B.A., Certified Public Translator, 1979 
Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

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