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School of Natural & Social Sciences

Lawrence Hong

Office: KH C3093
Phone: 323-343-2200
FAX: 323-343-5155
Email: lhong@calstatela.edu


I usually teach courses that deal with marriage and the family, human socialization, and research methodology.


I am experimenting with digital photography as a new medium for presenting social facts. My current projects include global urban issues, social inequality, and popular culture.

Representative Professional Activities



2004 “Transgenderism in Cabaret and Culture: From Bangkok to Las Vegas,” (with R. Duff). Popular Culture Review, Vol. 15, 2, August.
2003 “Toy Town and Skid Row: Labeling for Urban Renewal.” Proteus: A Journal of Ideas (with R. Duff), Spring. 
2002 “Modulated Participant-Observation: Managing the Dilemma of Distance in Field Research.” (with R. Duff) Field Methods Vol. 14, No. 2, May.
2001 “Mystery as Poetry; Suicide as Literary Device: The Works of Seicho Matsumoto.” Popular Culture Review Vol. 12, No.2, August.
2000 "Marriage and Abortion in Japan: Adaptation and Alternative Strategies." In Sandra Lee Browning and R. Robin Miller (eds.) Divorce, Intimacy and Cohabitation from a Multicultural Perspective. Stamford, Connecticut: JAI Press.


Ph.D. Sociology 1970
University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

M.A. Sociology 1966
University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

B.A. Sociology 1964
University of Portland

Portland, Oregon

Class schedule and office hours available on the Sociology Department website.

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