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Kevin Baaske

Office:     Music 250
Phone:    323-343-4203
FAX:      323-343-6467


Dr. Kevin Baaske is a Professor in the Department of Communication Study.  He is an active member of the University community, and is currently serving as Chair of the Academic Senate and is one of two CSULA representatives to the Academic Senate of the CSU.  "Such service not only enables me to represent faculty and student interests, but it also has permitted me to get to know many of my excellent colleagues across the University,” said Baaske.  He has also served in leadership positions in argumentation and forensics at the National Communication Association, the Western States Communication Association, and the National Individual Events Tournament. 


One of Dr. Baaske's greatest passions is teaching and he regrets that his Senate duties limit the opportunities for classroom instruction. He has recently taught graduate seminars in Rhetorical Theory, in Argumentation Theory and in the fall 2007 term he is teaching Introduction to Scholarship in Communication Studies.  Dr. Baaske has also taught undergraduate courses in Argumentation, Oral Communication, Introduction to Rhetorical Studies, Presidential Campaign Communication, Intercultural Communication and Rhetorical Criticism.  


Dr. Baaske's professional and personal interests lie in examining public policy disputes. He considers himself a student of public argumentation and enjoys exploring the nature and functions of argumentative and rhetorical discourse. The same fascination applies to presidential campaign rhetoric. He is especially interested in the role that vice presidential candidates play in these national campaigns. Dr. Baaske serves on the editorial board of Argumentation and Advocacy, the Journal of the American Forensic Association. He also regularly attends the annual meetings of the National Communication Association and the Western States Communication Association.  In addition to attending panels, Dr. Baaske views such conferences as an opportunity to introduce the many gifted CSLA students who attend these conventions.  He also tries to attend an argumentation conference each summer. 

Representative Professional Activities


2007    With Megan Baaske, (in Press). Hurricane Katrina: An argumentative analysis of race and gender issues in the media coverage of a natural and national disaster. Proceedings of the sixth conference of the International Society for the Study of Argument.

2006    Arguing about marriage: Antimiscegenation laws in analogue to the same-sex marriage dispute.  In P. Riley (Ed.), Engaging Argument, (271-277).  Annandale, VA: National Communication Association

2004     With Thomas A. Hollihan, Arguments and arguing: The products and process of human decision-making. 2nd Ed.  Prospect Heights: Waveland Press.

2004     Race, meaning and substance:  An analysis of arguments over the government’s use of racial classifications.  .  C. A. Willard (Ed.). Proceedings of the Alta Argument Conference, (328-336). Annandale, VA: National Communication Association.


 2002     With Patricia Riley, In Defense of the Realm:  Administrative Responses to Anti-Globalization Argumentation.  In F.H. Van Eemeren, A. Blair, C.A. Willard, & A. F. Snoeck Henkemans (Eds.), Proceedings of the fifth conference of the international society for the study of argument (22-26).  Amsterdam: SicSat.


2000     Equality and the Public Moral Code: Argument and the Affirmative Action Debate. In Thomas A. Hollihan, (Ed.), Argument at Century’s End: Reflecting on the Past and Envisioning the Future (pp. 446-453).  Annandale, VA: National Communication Association.

 2000     With Patricia Riley, Spectacle in Seattle: Globalization arguments as entertainment. A paper presented at the First Tokyo Conference on Argumentation.


           Ph.D. Rhetoric 1989
          University of Southern California,  Los Angeles, CA

M.A. Communication 1978
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

B.A. Communication 1976
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI




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