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Creating Perfect Rubrics

Assessing Process and Participation

Why not to use Colored Cards and Names on the Board

Easy Item Analysis of Multiple Choice Items

The Practice, Climate and Achievement Connection

Assessment Targets and Methods


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Assessment Strategy Plans (ASP) from the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency Teachers (LAUTR) (assignment rubric)

Student Name (link to ASP) (featured assessment strategies explained in paper)


Cohort 3

Brent Rojo (Showing work, peer assessment, error analysis)

Jose De La Cruz (error analysis, self-evaluation, video feedback)

Crystal Dukes (self-reflection, peer assessment, test analysis standards-based)

Raul Pena (standards-based assessment, feedback cards, last chance instructional adjustment)

Tina Hannouche (group participation, culminating performance task, exit tickets)

Sophia Park (learning logs, structured peer assessment, self&peer assessment in coop activity)

Crissia Ramirez (selected response, error analysis, peer assessment of group work)

Yessica Sanchez (self-assessment of CPT, selected response, journal reflections)

Stanley Johnson (math journals, video, feedback, performance assessment)

Mike Hurst (Journals in math, selected response, math labs)

Cofly Moore (error analysis, CPT, pre-assessment)


Cohort 1

Sina Samart (Culminating Tasks, Concept Development, Warm-up Exercises)

Emanuele Bardelli (Unit Exams, Culminating Performance Tasks)

Anthony Martinez (Personal Communication, Performance assessment)

Vy Hoang (Warm-ups, Standards mastery, Group Participation)

Karen Flummerfelt (Quizzes, Personal Communication, Performance assessment)

Maria Hernandez (Process-Driven SR, Project Assessment, Peer Assessment)

Carmelina Alonzo (Group Participation, Last-Chance Adjustments, Standards based assessment)

Mei Cheung (Standards Digest, Culminating Performance Task, Diagnostic Test)

Alex Torres (Selected Response, Performance Assessment, Assessing for Understanding)

Chad Clawitter (Math Word Problem Rubric)

Jose Cortinas (Guided assessment, last chance interventions)

Daisy Helguera (Cooperative Learning, Exit Tickets, Quizzes)

Robert Rodriguez (Thumbs up/down, learning tactic adjustment, mock test)

Saray Felix (Quizzes, Standards Digest, Performance Assessment)

Su Hyun Cho (Guided Assessment, Mastery Learning Log, Error Analysis)

Tiffany Hee (Standards Digest, Standards Based Assessment)

Titus Ume-Ezeoke (Error Analysis, Culminating Project)

Mac Thang (Error Analysis, Informative Assessment)

Daniel Schalk (Concept Attainment, Free Response Essay, Last chance instructional adjustment)






Assessment Plans from SUNY Oswego (1997-2000)