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Effective Teaching across Type Dimensions

Introverts teaching Extroverts

Extroverts teaching Introverts


Use group work and cooperative learning


Use wait time with questioning


Provide time for movement


Value expression

bulletProvide individual tasks
bulletCall on all students regularly
bulletProvide written venues for thinking
bullet Value reflection

Sensates teaching Intuitives

Intuitives teaching Sensates

bulletProvide opportunities for creativity
bulletGive students the “big picture” of their work
bulletUse concept attainment and problem-based strategies on occasion
bulletTeach inductively on occasion
bulletDon’t overemphasize the details
bulletProvide hands on activities
bulletGive clear step-by-step directions
bulletExplain the practical application to work
bulletAvoid long abstract or theoretical lectures
bulletValue the quality of students work

Thinkers teaching Feelers

Feelers teaching Thinkers

bulletRemember to show your warm feelings
bulletAvoid excessive conflict in your teaching style
bulletInclude praise in your feedback
bulletAvoid being too critical
bulletExpress your joy or pleasure whenever possible
bulletValue feeling in written work
bulletDo not rely too heavily on praise
bulletGive concrete feedback
bulletTry to accept some degree of health conflict
bulletBe consistent in your application of principles
bulletDon’t be afraid to be a little critical
bulletValue logic in written work

Judgers teaching Perceivers

Perceivers teaching Judgers

bulletAllow for some flexibility in assignment format
bulletUse variety
bulletProvide clear written assignment guidelines
bulletAllow for flexible time frames for completion
bulletValue novelty and openmindedness
bulletProvide clear written assignment guidelines
bulletPrepare students for changes in plans
bulletTry to keep to the agreed upon schedule
bulletProvide some routine in the day
bulletValue accuracy and punctuality

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