A Window into Learning Style and Cognitive Preference

Paragon Learning Style Inventory

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  1. PLSI Questions v.52-1 (Single paged version of PLSI 52-question student version)
  2. PLSI Questions v.52.c-1 adult (Single paged version of PLSI for non-students)
  3. PLSI Questions v.52-student2 (Two page version of PLSI student questions)
  4. PLSI 4 dimensions Table (Factor Comparison table)
  5. PLSI 16 type grid99 (Brief description of each of the 16 4 letter combinations)
  6. PLSI answer sheet52 (Answer sheet for use with 52 item PLSI versions)
  7. Teaching Across Type – Five Principles v.1 (guidelines and strategies for teachers to succeed with students of all learning styles)
  8. 1 page chart (Blank chart of the 16 types with population percentages)
  9. Understanding My PLSI score (Informational question and answer related to the PLSI)
  10. Type Dimension Comparison (Alternate chart for dimension comparison)
  11. PLSI Cover and Directions (one file)
    bulletPLSI Cover
    bulletDirections for facilitators
    bulletRecommendation for users
  12. PLSI Interpretation Materials (one file)
    bulletThe 4 learning style factors
    bulletFactor Combinations that most affect School Life
    bulletType Dimension Comparison
    bulletEffective Teaching Across Type Dimensions
    bulletEffects of Each Type in Work Situations
    bulletLeadership and Cognitive Style
    bulletType and Career
    bulletType and Applications in Counseling
    bulletType and Writing Style
    bulletAt Risk and Type
    bulletBibliography of Learning Style and Type
  13. Teacher Research 00 (Summary of research related to how learning style relates to teacher practices and values)

Additional Materials can be found at:

bullet www.calstatela.edu/plsi

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