Paragon Learning Style Inventory

A Window into Learning Style and Cognitive Preference

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Facilitator’s Introduction to the 4 Type-Specific

Self-Help Guides for Student Success Based on Learning Style


Documents Included in your Packet:

  1. Self-Help Guide for Student Success – IS Introverted Sensate - PDF
  2. Self-Help Guide for Student Success – IN Introverted Intuitive - PDF
  3. Self-Help Guide for Student Success – ES Extroverted Sensate - PDF
  4. Self-Help Guide for Student Success – EN Extroverted IntuitivePDF

5.    Promoting a Success vs. a Failure Psychology (from Transformative Classroom Management, By John Shindler) - PDF

  1. Teaching for the Success of all Learning Styles: Five Principles for Promoting Greater Teacher Effectiveness and Higher Student Achievement for all Students.


The guides to student success, included in this packet of materials, are designed to be self-exploration tools for students, ages 14 and older.  They are intended to be used in conjunction with teacher/leader/coach/parent facilitation outlined in the book chapter, also included in the packet.  They may offer insight, but in most cases, they will have limited effect if they are used in isolation, outside a holistic approach for creating a “success climate” within your learning institution.




“Are you working from a Growth or Helpless Orientation right now?”

“Are you working to improve or undermine the level of belonging in the class right now?”

“I know you can do it, I trust you, Do you trust yourself?”

“Are you using positive self-talk right now, or self-defeating self-talk?”

“Who is the only person that can take responsibility for your success?”