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Transformative Classroom Management (TCM)


TCM: Classroom Practices that Lead Schools up the Pathway.

As a teacher trainer, I would recommend this book as a must have. It could help teachers everywhere. - Teacher Trainer


Great Book! I highly recommend this book for those schools trying to turn around.



TCM is the best available resource to support our RTI level 1 process.



Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC)


The SCAI is the #1 Rated School Climate Inventory

*       Unique design and Content

*       Meaningful Information for Meaningful Change

*       Empowers Teachers and Students


Innovative Roadmap to explain where any school is on its journey - New

What makes a good school video - New

School Improvement Support from ASSC



We Teach Who We Are. So Why not Teach the Real You! (ppt) - New





Why TCM? TCM is simply the most effective set of practices for creating classroom excellence!!!! TCM will

*      Take your school to the next level of function and effectiveness.

*      Increase student achievement.

*      Create a psychology of success in every classroom.

*      Improve your school climate and move your school up the effectiveness “pathway.”

*      Make your PBIS or RTI program work the way that you had originally hoped with practical ideas for getting better immediately.

*      Provide a foundation so that RJ can actually work at your school.

*      Make the high performing student-centered classroom a realistic, practical and attainable goal.

*      Integrates well with your mindfulness promoting efforts

The SCAI is Uniquely Capable of Supporting the Improvement Process

As consultants coaching schools on real transformation, the SCAI instrument is by far the best tool. Instruments that use Likert scales do not give enough information and are not practical to the change process. In contrast, the SCAI gives specific information that easily lends itself to developing specific strategies for positive change. Teachers easily understand the results of the survey and feel empowered to make changes once the see the results of the instrument. DRIVE Consulting






Resource Materials

*       In Search of a Complete&Coherent Discipline/Management SystemNew

*       10 reasons to use Transformative Classroom Management TCM - New

*       7 Bad Classroom Management Ideas Sold to Teachers in PDs - New

*       Comparison of the CM options at the current time - MatrixNew

*       Better than Best Practice – the Management – Achievement Connection -

*       Why Assessing School Climate is Key to Reducing the Achievement Gap

*       Positive Alternative to Names on the Board and/or Colored card system

*       Creating Clear Classroom Expectations

*       10 biggest classroom management mistakes teachers make

*       Exploring the Use of Competition in the Classroom

*       What happens when we use Extrinsic Rewards

*       Making your Thinking your Ally not your enemy – ch 16

*       Moving from 4-style (dominator) to 2-style (conductor) practice

*       Moving from 2-style to 1-style (facilitator) practice

*       Teaching that Promotes a Success Psychology

*       Self Esteem: A Definition

*       Teaching for Self Esteem

*      Basic Needs

*      Teaching Style Continuum    

*      Teaching Style Classifications

*      Technical Management – Cues, Directions, etc.

*      Individual Situational Leadership Model

*       Consequences and punishments

*      Excuse Psychology

*       Use of Reality Therapy

*      Assessing Process/Participation  - New

*      Athletics, Climate and Psychology of Success - New

*      Negative Identity Cycle

*      Succeeding With Challenging Students and Negative ID

*       Socially Constructed Reality

*       Forms of Teacher Power

*      Negotiating a Power Struggle  

*      Managing the Behavioral Contract/Covenant

*       Teaching Choices and Classroom Management

*       Social Learning Model

*       Self- Theories (Dweck 1999)

*      Cooperative Learning Management

*      Success Psychology: A definition

*       Building Classroom Expectations and Community

*       Collaborative Assessment (AERA Paper 2002)

*       Effects of Teacher Language use exercise

*       After school program leadership development materials packet

*       Examining the term the “Real World” in schools

*       Teaching Across Type – 5 Principles


Course Resources

Ø  Example Classroom Management Plans (CMPs) EDSE 5000

Ø  Example Action Research – Classroom Climate Projects (EDCI 5900)

Ø  Example Assessment Plans (ASPs) from EDSE 511



Study Results: Transformative Classroom Management Practices vs Traditional Practices

TCM classroom management practices were shows to reflect higher levels of student achievement when compared to other methods. Achievement test scores from 300 schools are graphed in the figure below.  The vertical axis of the graph represents the quality of the classroom management practices at each school as measured by the ASSC School Climate and Function Instrument. What the scatter plot graph clearly indicates is that the closer the practices at the school were to “TCM/transformative practices” (1 = low quality, 5 = transformative/high quality) the higher the achievement at that school (as measured by the CA API, 200-1000). The study found a +0.8 correlation between classroom management practices and student achievement. 

See full studies (2011 version) (2009 version)


ASSC School Climate (Alternate Location)

Blueprint For Improving School Climate

Social Justice, Classroom Management and the Achievement Gap: Why School Climate Assessment is the Key to Reducing Student Achievement Differences

Change from the Inside – Examining K-12 School-wide Improvement using the ASSC SCAI

ASSC SCAI (School Climate Assessment Instrument)

10 Reasons to Incorporate the Paragon Learning Style Inventory PLSI





What makes a Good School- Animated Video (12 min)







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