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Psychological Foundations:


The theorists that we are studying are reacting to one or more of these assumptions:


·      If I get angry, the students will see that their behavior was wrong and they will change.

·      If the response to a misbehavior results in enough pain for the one misbehaving, it will cease.

·      If a disincentive does not work, try twice as much of it the next time.

·      The most direct and obvious intervention is probably the right one.

·      Students’ thinking is exclusively self-referential.

·      Teachers have to choose between being easy/nice or being hard/mean.

·      Being passive aggressive can work in the end.

·      How my students act has nothing to do with what and how I teach.

·      It is essentially the students’ fault when they misbehave.

·      The teacher ultimately “owns” the students’ behavioral problems.