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Curwin and Mendler’s 9 Principles

for Consequence Implementation


1.      Always implement a consequence: Be consistent.

2.    Simply state the rule and consequence.

3.    Be physically close: Use the power of proximity

4.    Make direct eye contact. (maybe better said as “make personal contact”).

5.    Use a soft voice.

6.    Catch the student being good.

7.    Don’t embarrass the student in front of the class.

8.    Be firm, but anger free when giving the consequence.

9.    Don’t accept excuses, bargaining or whining.



Consequences vs. Punishments

A Comparison





Intend to teach lessons

Intend to give discomfort

Foster internal locus of control

Foster external locus of control

Are proactive

Are reactive

Are logical and related

Are unrelated and personal

Work in the long-term

Work in the short-term

Promote responsibility

Can promote obedience (but more likely resentment)

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