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Department of Information Systems

Email: jperezc at
Jose Perez-Carballo
associate professor

Office: ST-608
Email: jperezc at

Office hours for Spring 2014:

  • Simpsom Tower 608
  • Office hours during SUmmer 2014: Thursdays: 4:50 - 6:10


Courses - Spring 2014

CIS 543_01
Data Base Systems
Th 6:10PM - 10:00PM
FIRST DAY OF CLASS: Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 6:10pm
Office Hours: Thursdays 4:50 - 6:10

Description: Data base concepts; comparison of relational and object-oriented modeling for data base systems; unified modeling language for data bases; principles of data warehousing; data base administration and development tools; case study in data base design.

Prerequisite: CIS 100

Syllabus CIS543

Previous Courses.

  • CIS100 LAB - Business Computer Systems
  • CIS283 Introduction to Application Programming with Java
  • CIS301 Management Information Systems
  • CIS361 Web Design And Development
  • CIS410 Hardware and Software Architecture
  • CIS405B - Analysis and Design (AKA CIS406)
  • CIS405C Advanced Information Systems Development
  • CIS410 Hardware and Software Architecture
  • CIS453 Application Programming in C++ Language
  • CIS457 Advanced Java Programming
  • CIS461 Web Development I
  • CIS487 Decision Support Systems
  • CIS527 Decision Support Systems
  • CIS561 Design of an e-commerce site

List of publications

(about natural language processing, information retrieval, human vs machine indexing, multiword expressions, etc.)

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