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CIS 361 Syllabus - Web Development I

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Dr Jose Perez-Carballo
Office: ST-608
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Course Description:

Prerequisites: CIS 100 or equivalent

Recommended Texts:

Deitel, H. and Deitel, A. (2012) Internet and World Wide Web How To Program, 5/E
(Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Associates. Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0132151006 • ISBN-13: 9780132151009

- See more at: website

Felke-Morris, T. (2015) Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5, 7/E. Addison-Wesley

- See more at: website

Additional Resources:

Goals and Objectives

Develop an understanding of the skills necessary to develop effective web resources.

Build and publish a website with the following characteristics

  • it presents information clearly and appropriately for the audience it is intended
  • it uses only correct HTML5
  • it uses graphics and multimedia
  • follows usability guidelines
  • has elements of graphic design
  • has a reasonable navigation device
  • connects to a database

Requirements and Grading

The grading of this course involves these components: Exams, Assignments, Project, and Participation.


There will be one mid-term and one comprehensive final exam.

Exams are closed book, closed notes and individual. Topics to be on exams will be covered in class discussions and completely defined before each test.


There will be an assignment every week due always before the begining of the class.

Late assignments are not accepted for any reason.

Email communication

If you ever send me email outside of Moodle, please always use the string CIS361 in the subject of your email messages to me. Otherwise expect it to be lost.

The university expects you to use your NIS account for all official communications.

If you send me mail from an outside account it may be considered junk mail by the Calstate system and I will never receive it.


Students are expected to enrich the course through relevant questions and contributions of personal knowledge and experience. Active participation in class discussions is therefore an important component of this course. Regular attendance and promptness is required. Attendace may be taken during the first few minutes of the class. Note that attendance is distinct from participation but it will count for the same category. If you are often not present at the time attendance is taken you probably will not get the full credit for participation. If you never participate in class it will be harder for you to get an A in the course.

Academic honesty

Trying to pass work by others (either classmates, books or web resources) as your own without attribution, and cheating are considered dishonest and unacceptable.   If you are caught, and somebody always is each term, the least that will happen is that you will get a zero in the exam or assignment involved.


Grades will be assigned based on the following weights:

    Participation: 5%
    Project 20%
    Assigments: 35%
    Mid-term exam: 20%
    Final exam: 20%

Letter Grades

Letter grades will be assigned using the following scale:



A 93-100
A- 90-92.9
B+ 87-89.9
B 83-86.9
B- 80-82.9
C+ 77-79.9
C 73-76.9
C- 70-72.9
D+ 67-69.9
D 63-66.9
D- 60-62.9
F 0-59.9

Work Load

Make sure you have enought time in your schedule to do all the work necessary for this course. That you are too busy will not be accepted as an excuse for late or incomplete work.

Late Work

Late work will not be accepted.

Email: jperezc at