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romanticism and the sublime                                              csulosangeles
                                                                    english 560

Click here for Presentation Schedules

Weekly Presentations

At our first meeting, we will determine a presentation schedule for the remainder of the quarter. Each week, from the second to the tenth, presenters (one or two per week) will offer short (ten minute) presentations on the following assigned topics.


Joseph Addison, from The Spectator

Frances Ferguson, "The Sublime of Edmund Burke"



Robert Blair, The Grave

Ronald Paulson, "Gothic Fiction and the French Revolution"

Eve Sedgwick, "Towards the Gothic: Terrorism and Homosexual Panic" in Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire (New York: Columbia University Press, 1985)



Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Christabel

John Keats, Lamia

Karen Swann, "Literary Gentlemen and Lovely Ladies"



Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria

Robert Hopkins, "General Tilney and Affairs of State"

Diane Long Hoeveler, "Vindicating Northanger Abbey"



Thomas DeQuincey, "On Murder, Considered as One of the Fine Arts"



John Keats, "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer," and "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Frost at Midnight"

Neil Hertz, "On the Notion of Blockage"



William Wordsworth, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality"

William Wordsworth, "Resolution and Independence"

Christopher Hitt, "Shelley's Unwriting of Mont Blanc"



Percy Shelley, Prometheus Unbound (complete)

John Keats, The Fall of Hyperion

Ellen Brinks, "The Male Romantic Poet as Gothic Subject"



William Blake, America: A Prophecy

William Blake, Europe: A Prophecy

Anna Laetitia Barbauld, Eighteen Hundred Eleven


Presenters will examine subjects in greater detail than the rest of the class and then prepare a short presentation and handout. Some presentations are historical and/or biographical in nature. Some expand upon a short reading selection that the entire class will have read, and so require the presenter to read more extensively in the primary source. Others focus on reading that the class will not prepare, and so require the presenter to provide an overview and contextualization of the text. 

Presenters are encouraged to discuss their presentations with me well in advance of their presentation. (Of course, those volunteering to present in the first two weeks will benefit from my reciprocal kindness.)


Annotated Bibliography As part of your preparation for the term paper, you will conduct research on your paper topic and develop an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should include an entry for each book, journal article or other source that you consult during the research process, even if you are sure that you will not use that source for your paper. 

Each entry should be listed using MLA bibliographic format followed by a short summary and critical evaluation of the source. While there is no minimum or maximum number of entries, you should aim for more than ten but no more than fifteen sources. Remember, the annotated bibliography lists all materials you consult during the research process and not just the sources you intend to use in your term paper.

The links below provide general information on annotated bibliographies. 

Cornell Library Guide on Annotated Bibliographies

Purdue's Online Writing Lab Handout on Annotated Bibliographies

(Note that most online discussions of annotated bibliographies include both APA and MLA format and that most online examples are in APA format.)


Term Paper The research and analysis paper will be based on the quarter's readings, and focused on a topic that you will develop. Considerable flexibility will be allowed on your choice of topic, but all topics should attempt to place the literary text (or texts) into an appropriate historical and/or literary historical context. One way of imagining this project is to see your critical process as using history to read the text and using the text to read history. Obviously, the goal of the annotated bibliography is to help you with your research for this paper.
romanticism and the sublime                                              csulosangeles
                                                                    english 560