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Weekly Response Papers/Postings

Short response papers (about 500 words) must be posted to the course blog by 6pm on the Tuesday evening preceding the Wednesday class meeting to discuss the readings.

The response is not a paper so you should not concern yourself with introductions and conclusions. You should, however, make every attempt to provide a coherent response and you should proofread and edit your work for clarity. You can choose your own focus and discuss one of the readings exclusively or you can range amongst the readings exploring themes. Think of your responses as a conversation with the text, the ideas, your class mates and your teacher. Feel free to ask questions, speculate, make astounding connections, or even complain (though don't forget about your audience and their needs).

Paper Assignments

Essay Assignment Sheet for First Paper

Weekly Presentations

At our first meeting, we will determine a presentation schedule for the remainder of the quarter. Each week, from the second through the tenth (if applicable), presenters will offer presentations or lead the class discussion on selected texts and topics.

The seminar presentation is a 15-20 minute presentation to the rest of the class about an assigned reading. For the presentation, plan to go beyond regular class preparation, at the very least, providing background about your topic, a generous overview, and a discussion of its relation to other readings for that week (or read earlier). You should also be prepared to answer questions and help lead class discussion for that topic. You should prepare a handout for the class; however, do not simply read from your prepared handout or paper.


Presentations are on optional readings; Discussions are on required readings (see syllabus and online resources for full titles)



Discussion of Carlyle, "Signs of the Times"

W. Cooper


Presentation on Smith, selections from The Wealth of Nations

K. Blanco 


Discussion of Engels, "The Great Towns"

F. Franco 


Presentation on Hobsbawm, selections from Industry and Empire

J. Pledger 


Presentation of Mumford, "Paleotechnic Paradise: Coketown"

L. Martinez 


Presentation on Resources on Chartism from the Victorian Web

K. Rueda 


Discussion of de Certeau, "Walking in the City"

E. Ige 


Discussion of Benjamin, "Paris, Capital of the 19th Century"

A. Carranza 


Presentation on Mayhew, selections from London Labour and the London Poor

T. DeVine 


Presentation on Marcus, "Homelessness and Dickens"

C. Bryan 


Discussion of Foucault, "Panopticism"

Z. Henry 


Discussion of Wilson, "The Invisible Fl‚neur"

J. Dubzinski 


Discussion of Walkowitz, "Urban Spectatorship" from City of Dreadful Delight: Narratives of Sexual Danger in Late-Victorian London

A. Aslanian 


Presentation on Pick, "Crime, Urban Degeneration, and National Decadence" (with reference to Stevensonís Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

V. Aldapa 


Discussion of Cronon, excerpts from Nature's Metropolis

K. Oliva Alvarado 


Presentation on Swyngedouw and KaÔka, "The Environment of the City . . . or the Urbanization of Nature"

R. Cacace 


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