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Some Useful Course Sites

Online References

Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism (online)

The UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource (searchable bibliographies)

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples

Timeline of Major Critical Theories in US (Warren Hedges, Southern Oregon University)

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Link Pages

Voice of the Shuttle's Literary Theory Site

Jack Lynch's Literary Resources--Theory Site

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Background Sites

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought (Martin Ryder, University of Colorado at Denver)

Rhetorical and Cultural Studies: Critical Theory (Karla Tonella, University of Iowa)

Modern Literary Theory (Kristi Siegel, Mt Mary College)

Guide to Literary and Critical Theory (Dino Felluga, Purdue)

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Some Useful Course Sites

Literary Theory Course: John Lye's Homepage (Brock University)

Lecture Notes for Introduction to Literary Theory (Mary Klages, University of Colorado)

Literary Theory Course: Professor Ulrich's Homepage (Mansfield University)

Cultural Studies and Critical Theory (from Eserver--based at U of Washington)

Handouts for Tim Spurgin's Contemporary Critical Theory course (Lawrence University)

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