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the victorian age                           csulosangeles
                                           english 468



Format of the Final

Second Paper Now Due on Day of Final (March 15)

Format of the Midterm

Readings for Thursday, Jan. 4

Biographical Headnote on John Stuart Mill (Longman) (0.4 MB pdf)

Excerpts from The Autobiography of John Stuart Mill (Longman) (2.1 MB pdf)

Readings for Tuesday, Jan. 9

Biographical Headnote on Tennyson (Longman) (0.6 MB pdf)

"Mariana," "The Lady of Shalott," and "The Lotus-Eaters" (1.4 MB pdf)

"Locksley Hall" (1.0 MB pdf)

Readings for Thursday, Jan. 11

In Memoriam, A.H.H. (Longman) [Part 1] (1.7 MB pdf)

In Memoriam, A.H.H. (Longman) [Part 2] (1.7 MB pdf)


Prerequisites Upper division standing is prerequisite to enrollment in English 468. ENGL 102 or its equivalent is prerequisite to all upper division English courses. Prerequisite for all literature courses: ENGL 250, or 200A, 200B or 200C.



This course surveys literature of the Victorian period (1832-1901). We’ll examine major authors, genres, and works in their cultural and historical context. Issues and themes covered include industrialism, gender roles, evolutionary theory, Victorian sexualities, and representations of the working classes.

Because this is a lecture-discussion class rather than a formal lecture course, active and informed contribution to class discussion is expected from all students.


Reading List

The following texts are required for this class:

Damrosch, et al. Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 2B. Third Edition. Longman. 2006. (ISBN 0321106695)

Gaskell, Elizabeth. Mary Barton. Oxford. 2006. (ISBN 0192805622)

Wilde, Oscar. The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays. Oxford. 1998. (ISBN 0192834444)

The following text is recommended for this class:

Altick, Richard. Victorian People and Ideas. Norton. 1974. (ISBN 039309376X)

the victorian age                           csulosangeles
                                           english 468