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Assignments for the course will be posted here as they are made available in class.

The assignments are in PDF format.


Acrobat icon Essay Assignment and Topics

Reading Responses

Acrobat icon Reading Responses Assignment

Examples of Reading Responses

Listed below are some recent exemplary reading responses.

Acrobat icon On Jane Austen by Narine Zokhrabyan

Acrobat icon Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen by Rebekah Cordes

Acrobat icon Rebirth after the Cold Reign of the West Wind by Alex Phuong

Acrobat icon Wordsworth's "Anecdote for Fathers" by Michelle Burton

Acrobat icon Wordsworth's "Lines written in Early Spring" by Valerie Longo

Click on the link below to look at some more vintage exemplary reading responses produced by students for an earlier incarnation of this course. 

Exemplary Responses from the Midterm

Part 2: Identify and Write about Passages

All of the following examples received full credit for the responses shown (i.e. five points for each passage).

Example 1: a little repetitive and not as specific as others, but clearly full credit.

Example 2: concise and specific; model responses

Example 3: very specific and detailed, but probably more than necessary (such detailed responses to the passages left this student with little time to write the essay)

Part 3: Short Essay

All of the following examples received full credit for the part 3 exam question, which by the way is very unusual.

Example 1: clearly organized and effectively written; the writer appears to have run out of time, but had already established the clear outlines of his/her argument

Example 2: clearly written and argued with good use of specific details from the novel

Example 3: small errors in expression slightly mar an otherwise remarkable in-class essay; very specific and wide-ranging while dealing with a variety of complex issues and ideas, but probably too much so (the writer wrote the essay first and then ran out of time while trying to complete the rest of the exam)

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