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Writing and Rhetoric

CSULA's "A Brief Guide to Online Resources for College Writers"

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Life in Late 17th Century London (Proceedings of the Old Bailey)

Before and After the Great Fire of London (BBC animation)

London After the Great Fire (BBC online)

Dryden section from Samuel Johnson's Lives of the English Poets (Online Literature)

Amusing picture of Thomas Shadwell

"Fan site" for John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester

Some background to Congreve's The Way of the World

A Day in 18th Century London (Norton Online)

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Travel and Empire

The Aphra Behn Page

Slavery and the Slave Trade in Britain (Norton Online)

Travel, Trade and the Expansion of Empire (Norton Online)

Sketch of Events of the South Sea Bubble (The Bubble Project at Dalhousie)

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Men and Women

The Rape of the Lock Home Page (University of Massachusetts)

Selected Poetry and Prose of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (University of Toronto)

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Civil Society

Life in 18th Century London (Proceedings of the Old Bailey)

A Population History of London (Proceedings of the Old Bailey)

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page

William Hogarth and 18th Century Print Culture (Northwestern University)

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The Country Landscape and the Popular Ballad

From ArtArchive (commercial) John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough,

Lenny the Cat's Parody of Gray's Elegy

Robert Burns Country: The Official Robert Burns Site

Phoebe Cary's Parody of "She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways"

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Nature and Transcendence

John Dawson's Lakeland Walks (photos showing "Wordsworth Country")

Tintern Abbey, Tourism and Romantic Landscape (Norton online)

The Wordsworths and the Cult of Nature (BBC Online)

A Reconstruction of Wordsworth's Crossing of the Alps (Romantic Circles)

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The City and Protest

William Blake archives of Illuminated Texts

Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience (illuminated texts)

The French Revolution: Apocalyptic Expectations (Norton online)

Thomas Paine: Citizen of the World (BBC Online)

British Anti-Slavery (BBC Online)

British Revolution in the Early 19th Century: How Close? (BBC Online)

Nineteenth Century London (Proceedings of the Old Bailey)

Earning a Living in the Nineteenth Century (BBC Online)

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Short review of "Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Cult of Lord Byron"

The Byron Chronology (Romantic Circles)

Lord Byron: A Comprehensive Study

Romantic Orientalism (Norton online)

The Satanic and Byronic Hero (Norton online)

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Art and Transcendence

The Keats-Shelley House in Rome

The Shelley Chronology (Romantic Circles)

John Keats: A Comprehensive Study

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Industrial Culture

Charles Dickens on Victorian Web

Victorian Economics on the Victorian Web

History of the Workhouses

Crime and the Victorians (BBC Online)

Industrialism: Progress or Decline? (Norton online)

Dickens' London

The Chartist Movement (BBC Online)

Some Views of Dirt and Drudgery

London's Great Stink and Victorian Urban Planning (BBC online)

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The Country Life

All Change in the Victorian Age (BBC Online)

George Eliot on Victorian Web

Beneath the Surface: A Country of Two Nations (BBC Online)

Emancipation of Women, 1750-1920

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A Turn to the Past

Robert Browning on Victorian Web

Alfred, Lord Tennyson on Victorian Web

Ideals of Victorian Womanhood (BBC Online)

Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement 

The William Morris Society

The Rossetti Archive (University of Virginia)

Germ: A Hypermedia Critical Edition, The (University of Virginia)

Visual Imagery and the Depiction of Women (on Rosetti's Goblin Market)

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The End of Seriousness

Matthew Arnold on Victorian Web

Oscar Wilde on Victorian Web

The Victorian Seaside (BBC Online)

Sex, Drugs and Music Hall (BBC Online)

"Wilde, Society and Society Drama" (Cary Mazer)

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Imperial Britain

Britain's Empire in 1815 (BBC Online)

Trade and the British Empire (BBC Online)

British India Before and After the Great Rebellion of 1857 (BBC Online)

Victorian Imperialism (Norton Online)

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The Great War

Representing the Great War (Norton Online)

Trenches on the Web

Mass Politics and the Western Front (BBC Online)

Art from the Frontline (BBC Online)

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive (Oxford)

The Easter Rising (BBC Online)

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The Fragment and Modern Culture

The Waste Land Limericks by Wendy Cope

What the Thunder Said (T. S. Eliot page)

T. S. Eliot Page (Modern American Poetry)

Exploring the Waste Land (very complex web site using frames for notes)

Eliot's Parody of Pope's The Rape of the Lock

Brief excerpt: Adorno on Modernism

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Endgame (E-text from

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