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Catalog Description: Prerequisite: English Placement Test or completion of ENGL 096. Reading and writing to develop and communicate ideas. Instruction in basic strategies for planning, composing, and revising college writing. Use of authorities, examples, arguments and facts. Graded A,B,C/NC. GE A1

Course Description: We search the past for origins and justifications, and use the past to invent stories that culminate in us. We preserve these stories not only in our literature, but virtually everywhere, from the museums we build to the boxes we check on college applications. These stories of our shared past and its power to define and explain us will provide the basis of our investigations. Through classical and contemporary texts, we will study the complex dynamics that determine what is remembered, who gets to remember and who is destined to be forgotten. We will conclude with an examination of the modern museum and the story it tells about our history, our desires, and our fears.

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