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About this Guide


While student writers benefit most from working with other writers, sometimes finding another person to read an essay or answer a question or help brainstorm or focus an idea is an impossible task. Fortunately, the Internet provides a wealth of resources for student writers (and teachers as well). Unfortunately, it is often difficult to separate the good from the bad and the ugly.


This brief guide is a small attempt to initiate that filtering process. However, please remember that the sites listed offer a variety of approaches, and represent a range of methodological, pedagogic, and theoretical positions, so it is important to browse through them and find those that suit your needs and working style.


Writing Process AllWrite! 2.0 from McGraw-Hill
This is the second version of McGraw-Hill’s acclaimed grammar and usage writing software. Besides information on writing and doing research, you’ll find here a virtually unlimited number of quizzes, and assessment tools.

Cal State L.A. University Writing Center
This site includes a number of short articles on various subjects concerning writing, from classical ideas of persuasion to effective strategies for punctuation.

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
This award-winning page can help you grasp essay writing basics through an interactive step-by-step guide for writing a basic essay from topic selection through the works cited.

Literacy Education Online
Home of "The Write Place," this website offers a wealth of material on all aspects of writing.

Model Documents Gallery
This site provides overviews and examples of the format required for business and technical writing, humanities writing, and natural and applied science writing.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
Winner of many awards, this website by Michael Harvey of Washington College, explains in great detail the elements of effective college writing.

The OWL at Purdue University
Probably the most comprehensive collection of writing information on the web, this site provides handouts for students and teachers as well as PowerPoint presentations and hypertext workshops.

Paradigm on-line Writing Assistant
Completely interactive, this award-winning site allows you to work through virtually every step of your essay on-line.

Research Paper.com
Home of the 10,000 topics, this site includes invention strategies, a chat room, a "writing center," lots of good advice, and perhaps best of all, links and direction about conducting research on the net.

This site provides an extensive and interesting topical database of links to resources on a variety of topics.

The Writer's Web
Maintained by the Writing Center at the University of Richmond, this site offers invention strategies and help with the early stages of drafting a paper.


Rhetoric/Argument Argumentation/Persuasion
This is a simple but informative introduction to writing an argumentative essay.

Index of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
This website, developed by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University, supplies a comprehensive hyperlinked list of literary and rhetorical terms.

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies
Stephen Downes' site has long been a great place to learn about basic rhetorical principles and logical fallacies.

Writing Argumentative Essays
Although an ESL site aimed at a non-native speaking audience, this site provides some effective rhetorical instruction.


Grammar and Mechanics


E-Library of Exercises
Houghton-Mifflin provides this collection of exercises as a companion to their reading and writing textbooks.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Handouts and Resources
This page is an index of all of the ESL materials available at the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab).

ESL at Houghton Mifflin
This large collection of online activities, textbooks, and dictionaries provides students with a wide array of innovative resources, including XPRESLINK, an Internet activity designed to help students develop language skills from authentic web sites.

Exercise Central, the largest collection of editing exercises available online, provides practice editing grammar, style, punctuation, and mechanics. Instructors must register first with Bedford/St. Martin.

This user-friendly and useful grammar advice site includes a "grammar hotline" where you can email your questions to the Grammar Lady herself.

The Grammar Hotline
A service of the North Carolina State University on-line Writing Lab, this site accepts your grammar questions via email or phone.

Grammar Slammer
A not very pretty but very complete site devoted to definitions of grammatical terms and examples of correct and incorrect usage.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This site is difficult to use but does provides a searchable on-line grammar handbook and style manual with hyperlinked references to writing topics such as sentence-level and essay-level concerns, and a how-to guide on preparing PowerPoint presentations.

Keys for Writers
This companion website for Ann Raimes' Keys for Writers offers a rich set of resources, many exercises and interactive activities, practice tests and resources for multilingual/ESL writers.

Pop-Up Grammar QuizPage
This site, using interacitve javascript popup quizzes on grammar issues, offers a fun way to overcome your grammar fears.

Webgrammar's Place
This site provides tips, tutorials, and resources for writers, students, editors, educators, and web designers.


Style Conciseness
This page offers a short (and unattributed) discussion of Joseph Williams' advice for making writing more concise.

CriticalReading.com: How Language Really Works
This website, developed by Dan Kurland (UMASS-Amherst), contains an interesting review of language use from the perspective of meaning and inference.

Non-Sexist Language
This page provides an extensive guide to producing gender-neutral writing.

The Slot
Although this site, created by Bill Walsh of The Washington Post, is primarily addressed to newspaper writers, its style sheet is a terrific guide for all writers, and its "Sharp Points" shows that even professional writers need to consider their words carefully.




This site provides a complete copy of the APA manual on-line.

This Allyn & Bacon site offers information on citation formats.

Documentation Guides: MLA and APA
This Purdue University OWL site offers extensive explanations and examples for MLA and APA documentation styles, as well as pages on evaluating sources and writing research papers.

Online Info from A Writer's Reference
This Bedford/St. Martin's site offers detailed information on research and documentation.

Style Manuals and Writing Guides
The JFK Library at CSULA has put together this collection of links to information on citation formats.

Why We Need to Evaluate Web Sources
An effective short guide for evaluating the usefulness of web sources for academic writing.




Dave's ESL Café
This well-known and frequently visited site is open 24/7 for Cafe news, bookstore browsing, chat, discussion, frequently asked questions, a graffiti wall, an idiom page, a photo gallery, a quiz center, a web guide, and much more.

The Longman Vocabulary Website
This companion site to the Longman series on vocabulary offers exercises to build vocabulary.

Tips on Taking an Essay Exam
These excellent tips on how to write a timed essay are provided by the University of Illinois' Writer's Workshop.


 basic writing ii                                               csulosangeles
    imagining the next LA                english 096