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Current Projects and Activities
  • Dr. Dennis' "Acculturation in Families Project" is focused on in investigating the ways in which ethnic minority adolescents maintain healthy relationships with their family while seeking to create their own identity, friendships, and romantic relationships as they enter adulthood. Through focus group interviews and surveys, we have found that young people from immigrant families may experience differences in expectations with their parents and that these differences can pose challenges to personal and family well-being.

  • Dr. Dennis is also a co-Principal Investigator on a project entitled "Parenting Behaviors among Parents of Latino Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk for Neurobehavioral Late Effects" with Dr. Sunita Patel and others from the City of Hope. This is a project supported by the CSULA-City of Hope Cancer Collaborative which is funded by the National Institutes of Health. It is focused on gathering information from Latino parents of childhood cancer survivors to find out more about the best ways to reduce the late effects of cancer and improve the academic functioning of their children. The project is looking for ways to modify and adapt an existing intervention to fit the needs of Latino families and children. For more information on the Cancer Collaborative, please visit the official website.

  • Minas Michikyan is conducting a Master's thesis project entitled "Identity Exploration on Facebook among Emerging Adults". This project will focus on how adolescents and emerging adults self-present and explore their identity/individuality using the social networking site Facebook, as well as investigate how identity presentation and exploration relate to depression, self-esteem and personality dimensions. This project will survey young adults aged 18-30 regarding their online behaviors and identity.

Completed Master's Projects
  • Anita Mihecoby (Spring 2010) "Bicultural Competence among a Latino Community Sample"

  • Anahita Farahmand (Spring 2009) "Perceived Intergenerational Conflicts among Latino and Asian College Students"

  • Veronica Toledo (Spring 2008) "Hispanic/Latino Parental Involvement and their Children's Education: Barriers and Interventions"

  • Veronica Galvez (Summer 2008) "The Impact of Peer Relationships on Academic Achievement in Early Adulthood"

  • Andrea Grassi (Summer 2008) "The Influence of Parental Divorce and Academic Achievement in Early Adulthood"

  • Allison Stradford (Winter 2007) "Risky Teen Internet Behaviors and Parental Monitoring"