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Office of the avpaa - academic personnel

Faculty Evaluation Criteria and Procedures for 2013-14

Academic Personnel Office

Welcome to the home page of the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs - Academic Personnel, in the Division of Academic Affairs. The Academic Personnel Office is responsible for coordinating all of the faculty-related functions of Academic Affairs, including faculty hiring, retention, tenure, and promotion evaluation, sabbatical leaves and other professional leaves, the Faculty Early Retirement and Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Programs, and faculty development, as well as overseeing Labor Relation (and grievance procedures) for both the faculty and student academic employee bargaining units.

Our mission is to provide support to the faculty, staff, and administrators charged with implementing the many varied faculty-related programs in the University. We do this by providing a broad array of educational programs and training for faculty, staff, and academic administrators; by continuously monitoring and evaluating our campus procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness; and by providing easy access to the information and materials that faculty and staff members need in order to succeed in their positions.

We hope that you will agree that this web site provides you with the information and the resources that you need. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.

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