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H. Howard Xu, Ph.D.

Phone: (323) 343-2188

Major Equipment in the lab:

Beckman Coulter Biomek FX automation workstation. This liquid handler is used for High Throughput Screens. It has dual pods (96 pipette head and a span-8 head. The workstation is integrated with a Molecular Devices' FilterMax F5 plate reader and a Canon EOS 60D digital camera for automated phenotype imaging.



Tomtec Quadra3 Liquid Handler. This liquid handler is also used for High Throughput Screens. It has four plate stackers and a 96 pipette head.





Multidrop 384 Dispenser. This bulk dispenser is integrated with a RapidStak microplate stacker. It can dispense one to 8 different reagents (or media) into 96-well or 384-well microplates for high throughput screens.





Tecan Connect robotic plate reader system. A Tecan genios plate reader is integrated with a CONNECT plate stacker system. This unit can provide end-point read-outs for multiple modes of detection (optical density, fluorescence, chemiluminescence).