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DoD BioDefense Programs at Cal State LA

Director: Dr. Howard Xu

Phone: 323-343-2188



DoD BioDefense Scholarships

An integral part of the BioDefense Programs at Cal State LA is the awarding of DoD (Department of Defense) BioDefense Scholarships to highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students to engage in multidisciplinary antibiotics drug discovery research.

Application Deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis for unfilled positions

Scholarship Information:

      Total Number of Scholarships: 6

      Program Dates: February 1, 2012 – January 30, 2015

      For graduate and undergraduate students

      Stipend: graduate students, $16,640 annually; undergraduate students, $9,000 annually (potentially renewable)

      Commitment: Minimum one year program participation

      Partial tuition reimbursement depending on availability of funds

      Travel: Support for traveling to national conferences or collaborator's lab

      Summer internships: each student will have an opportunity to intern at off-campus laboratories


      U.S. citizen or permanent resident

      GPA of 3.2 or higher

      Full-time graduate or undergraduate student status at Cal State LA by the time of the scholarship award, majoring in microbiology, biology or related fields.

      Demonstrated interest (through essays and/or course selection) in pursuing a career in national defense relevant microbiology or related fields.