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Herminia Cadenas

Office: KHB2023
Phone: 323-343-6168
FAX: 323-343-5458


In the last fifteen years I have been involved with teaching in the secondary portion of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction. In these years I have grown, accomplished a lot, taught in many different settings and improe my knowledge about the profession. I also learn about myself and the world in which our students are going to perform, their duties as teachers in the high schools of our cities. The challenges presented in these years have been, at times, difficult but they have contributed to make me a better professor. It is my hope that I have taught my students to acquire knowledge and grow in their profession as well as in their personal life. general.


I am very interested in second language acquisition and how students can develop their interests within their learning environment. I have also worked with my colleagues in creating new configurations for receiving their degrees. I am involved with three other colleagues in a longitudinal study about school climate to improve the setting in which high school students are learning from our student-teachers.


I have been doing reesearch in the area of social studies learning for second language students in our secondary schools. I am also involved in the study about school climate as mentioned above. I have worked with the History department in their summer programs for high schools teachers. I also contributed with creating special courses to help the students in science to reach their full potential as secondary teachers.

Representative Professional Activities



2002 "Taka Tips- A practical Manual for Parents and Teachers of Children" CABE Los Angeles,
2002 "Summer Seminar can help History Teachers" The Mentor CSULA
2001 "Metodos comunicativos para la Adquisicion de una segunda lengua" in Spanish published in Iquitos, Peru .
2001 "Negotiating Meaning in a New Language" The Mentor CSULA
1999 "Four Key Elements of Success" Indiana University Publishing


Ph.D. Spanish 1982
University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA.

MA Spanish 1967

Los Angeles, CA.

BA Spanish 1966

Los Angeles, CA.

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