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SKJ-50A CZ crystal grower

A complete Czochralski (CZ) style growing system is considered to be among the best in accuracy and stability for growing crystals. This SKJ-50A CZ crystal grower donated by MTI Corporation has been proven to be excellent for pulling various oxide crystals with melting point up to 2100 oC. It can also grow other non-oxide crystals under a vacuum condition. The diameter of crystals can be as large as 2-3 inches.

Oxygen-isotope exchange apparatus


This apparatus is used to exchange oxygen isotopes using a gas-phase diffusion process for various oxides. The maximum temperature is 1200 oC.


7 T superconducting magnet with a variable temperature cryostat from 2.5 K to 700 K

This 7 T superconducting magnet from Janis Research Company, Inc. can be used to perform various physical property measurements from 2.5 K to 700 K in a magnetic field up to 7 T. The measurements include resistivity, magnetosistance, Hall effect, thermoelectric power, and ac susceptibility.

KSL-1700X Bench-Top Muffle Furnace

This muffle furnace from MTI can be used to prepare various polycrystalline samples. The maximum temperature is 1700 oC.

GSL1300-40X Desktop Alumina Tube Furnace

This desktop alumina tube furnace from MTI can be used to prepare various polycrystalline samples under different gas environments (e.g. vacuum, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, and mixed gas). The maximum temperature is 1300 oC.

Destop X-ray Diffractometer

This desktop X-ray Diffractometer from MTI can be used to check phase purity of various polycrystalline samples.

Attocube AFM/MFM/STM

The AFM/MFM/STM from Attocube can be integrated into Quantum Design PPMS system so that measurements can be done at various temperatures from 2 to 400 K and under different magnetic fields from 20 mOe to 90 kOe.

9 T Quantum Design PPMS with ultra-low field option

This Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) from Quantum Design is housed in Room 142, ASCB, California State University, Los Angeles. It can be used to perform electrical and thermal transports, specific heat, and magnetic measurements in a field as high as 90 kOe and as low as 20 mOe. For DC magnetic measurement, the maximum temperature can be as high as 1100 K, and the accuracy of the moment is better than 10-7 emu in low fields.