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Geri-Ann Galanti
Associate Professor (PT)

Office: KHC 4037
Phone: 323-343-2444

Professional Website: Cultural Diversty in Healthcare
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Geri-Ann Galanti has taught part-time in the Anthropology department at CSLA since 1980, with a break from 1984-1987. Although she has taught a few classes for Anthropology majors, most of the classes she teaches are general education courses. "I find anthropology to be one of the most interesting and relevant subjects there is ... it's all about us. I really enjoy showing students how it can help us to better understand ourselves and each other."


Dr. Galanti has a wide range of teaching interests, from physical to cultural anthropology. She developed three courses in the field of evolutionary psychology -- Evolutionary Perspectives on Emotions (Anth 300), E.P. on Sex and Gender (Anth 310), and E.P. on Violence (Anth 315). She also teaches Physical Anthropology (Anth 260) and occasionally cultural anthropology, including Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Anth 335). Her professional area of specialty is Medical Anthropology. She has been teaching a course on Culture and Health for the Statewide Nursing Program at CSU Dominguez Hills since 1983. She developed a series of videotapes on the subject which are shown on cable television. Several epidsodes have won awards. To both continue her own education and to share her knowledge of medical anthropology with the medical community, Galanti has been teaching in the Doctoring Program at UCLA School of Medicine since 1997 and recently won an Oustanding Clinical Faculty Teaching Award for her work there.


Galanti received her PhD in anthropology from UCLA, where she specialized in medical anthropology and transcultural psychiatry. Her dissertation was on psychic readers and their clients. She is one of the founders and former President of the Society for the Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association. She was the section editor for the Medicine and Culture section of the WJM (formerly Western Journal of Medicine) where she wrote a column on culture and health. She is best known in the academic & healthcare communities for her book, Caring for Patients From Different Cultures, which takes a case study approach to understanding both cultural competence and cross-cultural misunderstandings in health care settings. The book, an academic "best-seller," is now in its 4th edition. She gives workshops at hospitals and health care conferences on cultural competency.

In the past several years Galanti has done research on the belly dance community in California, a subject inspired by her personal involvement in belly dancing. She is particularly interested in using belly dancing to help women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Representative Professional Activities

Dr. Galanti has been actively involved in developing training materials in cultural diversity for health care professionals. Her positions include:

•Cultural Consultant on a 5 year grant project through the UC Schools of Medicine entitled "Statewide Initiative to Disseminate an End-of-Life Curriculum" funded through the National Cancer Institute, beginning August 2005. Responsibilities include writing scripts and developing videos and tutorials.

•Curriculum developer on "Cultural Competence in Medical Student Education: An Integrated and Developmentally Informed Curriculum" at UC Davis, September 2005-2006. Funded through the Association of American Medical Colleges.

•Curriculum developer and trainer on cultural competency for the The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Office of Diversity Programs. funded through The California Endowment, 2005-2006.

•Consultant on the "Interactive ELSI Curriculum for Primary Care Residents" a 3-year grant to develop, implement, and evaluate a web-based training program for medical residents to deal with the ethical, legal, and sociocultural issues surrounding genetic counseling. Grant is being funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute though UCLA School of Medicine, UC Davis School of Medicine, and U of Washington School of Medicine, 2004-2006. Responsibilities include writing scripts and developing videos and tutorials.


Selected Publications

2008 Caring for Patients From Different Cultures, 4th edition. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
2007 Cultural Sensitivity: A Pocket Guide for Physicians & Health Care Professionals. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: Joint Commission Resources.
2007 Orienting Foreign-Born Nurses to Work Effectively in American Hospitals:A Training Manual for Health Educators. Published by Support for Nurses.
2006 Human Diversity and Health Care. Carson, CA: Division of Nursing, CSU Dominguez Hills. (With Carole Shea)
2006 Applying cultural competence to perianesthesia nursing. J PeriAnesthesia Nursing 21(2):97-102. (Article won a Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award)
2005 Culturally Competent Rehabilitation Nursing. Rehabilitation Nursing 30(4):123-126.
2003 The Hispanic Family and Male-Female Relationships: An Overview. Journal of Transcultural Nursing 14(3): 180-185.
2001 Japanese Americans and Self-Care. West J Med 174(3):208-209.
2000 Iranian Births. West J Med 1723 67-68
2000 An introduction to cultural differences. West J Med 172: 335- 336.
1999 Commentary: How to do ethnographic research. WJM (Western Journal of Medicine) 171(1):19-20.
1998 Guest editor of special issue on cave and rock art. Anthropology of Consciousness 9(1)


PhD Anthropology 1981
Los Angeles, CA

MA Anthropology 1976
Los Angeles, CA

Teaching Credential Education 1973
Los Angeles, CA

BA Anthropology 1972
Los Angeles, CA

Fall 2010 SCHEDULE

Course Sect. No. Title Units Day & Time Room
Anth 454L 01 Teaching Anthropology 4 MW 1:30-3:10



Day Time
MW 1:00-1:30; 3:15-3:45

Fall 2008 SCHEDULE

Course Sect. No. Title Units Day & Time Room
Anth 310 01 Evolutionary Perspectives on Sex and Gender 4 MW 1:30-3:10


Anth315 01 Evolutionary Perspectives on Violence 4 MW 4:20-6:00 Mus119



Day Time

12:30-1:00 and 3:15-4:10

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