The Tide Pools

I like tide pools too. Tide pools are areas on rocks by the ocean that are filled with seawater. Tide pools can be small, shallow puddles found high up on the shore or huge, deep holes nearer to the sea.

Tide pools form when the ocean covers the beach twice a day. Some of the plants and animals that live close to the sea are covered when the tide washes over them. They have to be able to survive in both wet and dry conditions. The tides bring fresh oxygen and food to them. Between tides, some of the smaller pools become too warm and begin to dry up. Many of the animals hide under cool, damp rocks and moist seaweeds so that their bodies do not dry out before the tide comes in again.

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Photographs of Starfish, Sea Urchin,Limpet, and Algae by Alan Gornick Jr.
Photograph of Crabs by Ira Rubin
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