The Starfish

Photographer: Alan Gornick Jr.
© Aris Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. 1994

Starfish are interesting animals that also live along the beaches. Starfish are many different colors. Starfish usually have 5 arms, although some have as many as 44 arms. Each arm has rows of tube feet that are used in crawling, attaching to things, and feeding. All starfish can grow back arms that they have lost.

Starfish have a flattened body with their mouth located underneath its body. Their skin is rough and leathery and usually has spines. Starfish eat and digest food outside of their bodies. Most starfish are scavengers, feeding on a lot of different plants or animals.

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Photographs of Sea Urchin, Limpet, and Algae by Alan Gornick Jr.
Photograph of Crabs by Ira Rubin
© Aris Multimedia Entertainment,Inc. 1994