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Evelyn Calvillo

Office: Simpson Tower F407
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Dr. Calvillo has been at Calstate LA since June, 1990. From the beginning she has been interested in student issues and has been an advocate for student rights. She is currently the Nurse Counselor, which is a service provided for students to assist with academic problems and other related concerns. In this position she coordinates tutorial assistance and one to one guidance on how to access personal counseling and other campus resources. She is currently the Faculty Sponsor for the Peer Mentor Program, which is a group of nursing stduents interested in helping the newly admitted students. Dr. Calvillo was nominated by a group of students for the "Outstanding Professor of the Year Award", which she received for 1997-1998.


Dr. Calvillo has taught at least 14 different courses, mostly at the undergraduate level. She has revised the graduate nursing theory class and consistently teaches this course both on campus and off site. Her teaching interests vary but her major concern is for learning that will be useful as well as pleasureable. As Division Coordinator for 16 undergraduate courses her main concern is to provide consistentcy of content taught across all course sections. Additionally, she is concerned with students inability to meet pre-requisities to courses to avoid problems with completion of the program. To avoid this she is most interested providing a set schedule so that students can attain their goals on a timely basis. She is interested in helping underserved students and in the use of a variety of learning strategies appropriate with multicultural groups.


Dr. Calvillo's interests evolve around health beliefs of patients from different cultures. Her disseration as well as her current research, publications, and presentations have focused in this area of interest. She is currently Co-Investigator for and NINR/NIH funded project, which has looked at "A Health Promotion Model for Hispanics with Diabetes". The project is in the final stages of data collection and analysis. She has also participated in projects that focused on assisting underserved nursing students.

Representative Professional Activities



1996 Recruiting Hispanic nursing faculty. Hispanic voices: Hispanic health educators speak out. NLN Press.
1995 The evaluation of the pain response by Mexican American and Anglo American women and their nurses. Advanced Nursing Series: Nursing care of adults. Blackwell Science Ltd.
1993 First author. The adequacy and scope of Roy's adaptation model to guide cross-cultural pain research. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 18, 451-459.
1992 Co-author. Moving beyond: A generative philosophy. Image, 24(2), 115-120
1991 First author. Cultural responses to pain: A Mexican American example. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. Winter.


Doctorate in Nursing Science Nursing 6/91

Los Angeles, CA

Master Nursing 3/94
Loma Linda

Loma Linda, CA

B.S. Nursing 12/93
University of Texas

Galveston, TX

Diploma Nursing 6/64
Hotel Dieu School of Nursing

El Paso, TX


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