The Department of Psychology

Rubber Room

The "rubber room" (named, no doubt, by the current generation of students in response to the Sonix acoustic foam wedges which cover all of the interior surface) is the largest research facility in the Psychoacoustics Laboratory (a 40' x 36' x 9.5' test chamber and a 7' x 22' control room). The acoustic properties of this test room for "free-field" research are by far the best available at Cal State L.A. The current configuration includes a rail system (19.5' long) for the movement of visual and auditory sources on a linear path at speeds ranging from one to four feet/second. All key features of this facility are fully digitized (the robotics component and the generation of audio signals in particular). This is a current state-of-the-art facility that has proven to provide exceptional training for students interested in reseach careers. Current Research: (1) a broad program of research that considers motion in depth (both auditory and visual and both real and simulated motion); (2) aurally directed visual search in depth; (3) static depth perception (both auditory and visual) and (4) auditory depth constancy effects (loudness, lateral and vertical extent and spectral shape). The long term goal of this program of research is to provide the basis by which "virtual reality" systems can be extended into a "virtual-3D world".

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