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Daphne Der-Fen Liu


Professor and Graduate Advisor
Department of Mathematics
College of Natural and Social

Office: Simpson Tower F201
Phone: (323) 343-2161
FAX: (323) 343-5071
Email: dliu@calstatela.edu


Ever since joined the Cal State LA faculty in 1991, I have been pursuing both my research and teaching goals. I have received a CSULA Outstanding Professor Award, 2003. I have worked on and am grateful for two National Science Foundation research grants: Graph Coloring Parameters: Their Interplay with Number Theory Problems and Applications to Broadcast Communications (2003-2007) and a POWRE (Professional Opportunity for Women in Research and Education) award during 1998 2001.

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glasses.gif (111 bytes)Research Interests

There are two major parts in my research: The first part is about graph coloring parameters (including fractional chromatic number and circular chromatic number) of distance graphs and their relations to some number theory problems such as the "density of integral sets with missing differences" and the so called "lonely runner conjecture."

The other part of my research includes various generalized coloring problems motivated by the "channel assignment problem" introduced by Hale in 1980. The problems I have been working on include T-coloring, no-hole T-coloring, distance two labeling, circular distance two labeling, and the generalized distance labeling.    

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wpec.jpg (22775 bytes)Publications

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34.  J. Juan, D. Liu and L. Chen, L(j, k)-Labelling for trees, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 158 (2010), 692 698.


35.  D. Liu, Norine, Pan, and Zhu, Circular Consecutive Choosibility for k-Choosable Graphs, Journal of Graph Theory, in production, 2010.

36.  K-W. Lih and D. Liu, Pascal's Labeling and Path Counting [pdf], manuscript, 2004.

37.  D. Liu, Circular Coloring for Graphs with Distance Constraints [dvi], manuscript, 2007.                 


wpeD.jpg (18527 bytes)Teaching Interests and Experiences

In the past years at Cal State LA, I have taught more than twenty different mathematics subjects ranging from general education math to graduate courses. I enjoyed very much teaching most of them, especially, graph theory, modern algebra, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, linear programming, theory of probability, matrix theory, and calculus I - IV, etc.

With a CSULA Innovative Teaching Award, I have created a senior/graduate course Math 484 Graph Theory.

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datebook.gif (548 bytes)Schedule for Fall 2010:



        Math 248: Discrete Math TuTh 11:40 1:20

        Math 474: Theory of Probability TuTh 9:50 11:30

Office Hours: TuTh 2 4:30 pm; W: 1:30 3:30 pm

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hut.gif (1077 bytes)Education   

Ph. D. Mathematics, University of South Carolina, Columbia, June 1991.
Dissertation: "Graph Homomorphism and the Channel Assignment Problem". Advisor: Jerrold R. Griggs.            


B.S. Mathematics, National Central University, Taiwan, June 1985.


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