Charter College of Education
California State University, Los Angeles

Dorothy L. Keane, Ed.D.

Emeritus Professor of Education: Mathematics Education & Instructional Technology


Welcome to my world wide web site. I hope this site gives you some indication of the many possibilities available when taking advantage of the internet and its many resources. Try the pages of selected links to great web sites that are useful for teaching and learning mathematics and science in elementary, middle and secondary schools.

I am interested in using the world wide web to teach courses and exchange information. I also take web-based courses to remain current - particularly in using new technologies and applications. Learning takes place within my personal schedule. There's lots available, and some for free. The web can be a vehicle to put "life-long learning" into practice.

I invite you to check out our Master's Degree option in mathematics education. It is an excellent program that emphasizes teaching mathematics in elementary and middle schools. Click on the left for a description of the program.



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