CRIM 430

Step 1: Identifying a Research Question



1.      What is the research question for this study?





2.      Which of the concepts included in your question represent the independent and the dependent variable of your research question?


Independent variable=______________________ Dependent variable=____________________________



3. What/who is your target population? How will you identify them? Will you use the entire population or will you need to select a sample? What will be your unit of analysis for this study?




4.      What type of research design is best for your project? If it is quasi-experimental, what type of quasi-experimental design will it be? If it is non-experimental, identify whether you are using a cross-sectional or longitudinal study. If it is a longitudinal study, what type of longitudinal study is it?





5.      Provide a visual explanation of how your research design will look. Be sure the clarify how you would achieve each step in the design process.