UNIV 154 Course Outline

UNIV 154 -- Introduction to Higher Education: For Undeclared Majors (1.0 cr)

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Daniel Frankl, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education

OFFICE LOCATION AND PHONE NUMBER:PE 231, Tel. (323) 343-4662 FAX: (323) 343-6482

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This course is an introduction to higher education for Undergraduate students at CSLA. Sections 01 & 07 are specifically designed for Freshmen students who have not yet declared a major. The course introduces students to the following aspects of the University: History, structure, policies and procedures, faculty and student expectations, resources and skills necessary for success, and career major exploration. The purpose of this course is to help students have a successful and rewarding first year experience. This course section is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Academic Advisement Center for Undeclared Majors.



By the end of this quarter students will:

be able to describe the role of higher education and its impact on life achievement and the role of CSLA within the California system of Higher Education.
have an awareness of the CSLA policies and procedures that impact their academic success.
be able to describe personal responsibilities that lead to a successful college experience.
have acquired the knowledge and techniques to increase the effectiveness of their:
Time Management Skills
Studying, icluding Note Taking, Reading, and Test Taking Skills
Verbal and Electronic Communication Skills
Writing Skills
Library Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Fundamental Understanding of and Skills in Personal Computing

become informed of Campus resources and be able to utilize it as appropriate.
have developed a knowledge of degree majors and career options and begun career and major exploration.
have examined personal ideas and decisions regarding issues typically faced by college students.
have refined their knowledge of healthy relationships and the effects of drugs and alcohol.
be aware of campus extra- and co-curricular activities and have had actively participated in these programs.

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