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UNIV 154: Dr. D. Frankl, CSLA, HHS

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Students enrolled in UNIV 154 section 01 please turn completed Quiz in on Monday, October 27, 1997.

Students enrolled in UNIV 154 section 07 please turn completed Quiz in on Thursday, October 30, 1997.

1 List five differences between High School and College teachers as discussed in your reading
2 Indicate how the above described differences relate to your habits and expectations for college.
3 Is your learning style more collaborative, participant and dependent, or is it more competitive, independent and avoidant? Support your choice with examples of how you like to learn and study as discussed in your assigned reading.
4 What kind of exams should you expect from a professor with a sensing teaching style?
5 List three questions you have about your abilities and skills to communicate electronically.

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