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Health- and Skill-Related Fitness Octathlon
May 18, 2000, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
The Modified Standing Broad Jump Test"
Muscular power is a skill-related fitness component that is defined as the maximal resistance that a muscle or muscle group can overcome in one attempt in the least amount of time (as fast as possible). Muscular power is a fitness component that is very closely associated with both the "muscular strength" and the "muscular speed" fitness components. Muscular speed is defined as the maximal amount of repetitions (work) that a muscle or muscle group can perform against submaximal resistance in the least amount of time.
Activity Description
Objective: From a stand still position, both feet on spring board, jump up and forward as far as possible (try to land on feet).
Modified Standing Broad (horizontal long) Jump Test Procedures:
  • Starting position on spring board is with the feet several inches apart and the toes just behind the takeoff line.
  • Before takeoff, participants should bend their knees as they swing their arms backward. No pre-takeoff hops are allowed.
  • Takeoff is accomplished by the simultaneous extension of the knees along with a vigorous forward arm swing.
  • The distance travelled is the measurement taken from the starting line to the closest heel or any other body part at landing (same as track & field long jump rules)
  • The best out of three attempts is recorded to the nearest half inch or one centimeter
Modified Standing Broad Jump Test Rules:
  • Attempts during which the toes touched or crossed the takeoff line will have to be repeated (a third illigal attempt will result in disqualification).
  • Attempts during which a pre-takeoff hop was taken will have to be repeated (a third illigal attempt will result in disqualification).
  • Once all team members completed the rotation, participants (new team members are welcome) may retake the Modified Standing Broad Jump Test until it is time to proceed to the next activity.
Standing Broad Jump Classification Table *
ft / in ---- m / cm
ft / in ---- m / cm
8:4+ --- 2:54+ 6:4+ --- 1.93 Sport Performance
7:9-8:1 --- 2:36-2:46 6:0-6:3 --- 1:83-1:92 Good Health
7:0-7:8 --- 2:14-2:34 5:1-5:11 --- 1:55-1:80 Healthy
6:5-6:11 --- 1:96-2:11 4:5-5:0 --- 1:35-1:53 Take notice
<5:8 ----- <1:73 <4:2 ----- <1:27 Consider Enrolling
in the Personnel
Fitness Program
*Adapted from Neiman, D. C. (1990). Fitness and sports medicine: An introduction. Palo Alto, CA: Bull. (p. 489 & 498; criteria are for ages 17 and up)
A team may repeat this event as many times as possible within the allocated 10 minute station activity time frame. It is legal to use substitutes during a second, third...etc. trial. The best complete performance by any one coherent group of 4 men and 4 women per team will be added to that team's overall Fitness Octathlon performance score.
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