CSLA Octathletes: May 18, 2000
Cal. State L.A. Administration/Faculty/Staff
Health- and Skill-Related Fitness Octathlon
May 18, 2000, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Event planning and execution by Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education faculty and staff
Octathlon Planning and Execution Committee Members
Andrew Cornwell, Daniel Frankl, Gwen Franklin, Jeff Kress, Ruben Reyes, Cheryl Sugiura, and Luanne Van Hunnik
Dear CSULA Administrators, Faculty & Staff

All California State University, Los Angeles personnel are cordially invited to participate in the Faculty/Staff/Administration Health- & Skill-Related Fitness Octathlon, Thursday, May 18, 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. to celebrate the National Employee Health and Fitness Day. The event will be part of the Health Science Expo week, and is jointly sponsored by the School of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education. The Fitness Octathlon's corporate sponsorship includes Kellogg's Nutri Grain and Nike (additional sponsors are welcome; please contact D. Frankl at 323/343-4662).

The purpose of the Fitness Octathlon is to elevate the awareness of the importance of regular physical activity to overall health and well-being. Our goal is to maximize active Cal. State L.A. working community participation, as well as, to foster intra-team cooperation in a pleasant, festive atmosphere. We encourage colleagues of all ability and disability (individuals with special needs are encouraged to contact Octathlon planning committee members, D. Frankl at X-4662 or A. Cornwell at X-4648) levels to join the fun. All full-time and part-time administrators, faculty, and staff (except student workers and graduate assistants) are eligible to take part in this event.

Our hope is that the Administration (University-wide) and each School will submit one team each of no less than eight members (4 males, 4 females); however, the more members per team, the merrier! The Fitness Octathlon is composed of eight separate events that will be staged at eight different stations at the University's Jesse Owens Track Stadium. Each team will perform at a particular station independent of the remaining six teams. At any one time, therefore, seven teams will be performing at seven different stations, with the exception of the eighth station when all the teams will share the track in a grand finale event – the 800m military run. Teams that include more than eight members may use as many substitutes as possible (theoretically, a team may enter 64 participants – 8 events x 8 people per event).

The events are designed to test various components of health- and skill-related fitness. The events and procedures are briefly described below:
  • Shuttle Run (Agility): Each participant will perform a shuttle run consisting of three 10 m sprints. Team score is established by adding best individual members' performances.
Shuttle Run
  • All Aboard (Balance): : The entire team of eight is required to step on and keep its equilibrium on a balancing platform. A team's performance is measured by the time it takes the whole team to keep its equilibrium until the first team member loses her/his balance.
  • 40m Relay (Speed): The team will perform a 40m x 8 relay. Team performance is established by measuring the time from the start of the relay's first leg until the eighth member crosses the line with baton in hand.

  • Ski Walk (Coordination): The entire team will perform a ski walk on specially designed skis (we have enough sets to accommodate all eight team members at the same time). The cumulative distance covered by all team members in the allocated time will be recorded.
  • Modified Standing Broad Jump (Power): Each participant will perform a standing broad (long) jump onto a gymnastics safety mat. The cumulative distance covered by all team members will be recorded as the event's team performance.
  • Modified Sit-and-Reach Test (Flexibility): Each participant will perform a modified sit-and-reach test. From a seated position on the ground, with his/her legs straight out in front and knees locked, the participant will reach as far forward as possible by flexing the trunk. The distance beyond a reference position will be recorded and the cumulative distance for the team will be taken as the team's score.
  • Truck Pull (Strength): Teams of 4 men & 4 women will pull a pickup truck. The time taken to cover a predetermined distance will serve as the team's score.
  • Military Run: (Endurance) This event will serve as the grand finale for the entire meet and will be the only activity where all competing teams will be participating at the same time. The event will consist of an 800m military-style run. The average time between the first and last male and female runner per team will be computed as the team's score (times by two males and two females per team). Assisting fellow team members to the finish line is an important success strategy in this event and is strongly encouraged.
Team by Event Octathlon Time Table
A team may repeat each event (except the Military Run event) as many times as possible within the allocated 10-12 minute station activity time frame. It is legal to use eligible substitutes during a second, third...etc. trial. The best complete performance by any one coherent group of 4 men and 4 women per team will be added to that team's overall Fitness Octathlon performance score.

For additional information contact
Dany at X-4662 or Andy at X-4648
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