The Ballroom Dancers @ Cal State L.A.
Whether you have been enjoying social dance for years, or would like to learn and participate for the first time, the Ballroom Dancers @ Cal State L.A. provides a great opportunity.
Mr. Jim Brownfield and Ms. Lisa Wong provide a wonderful way for CSULA students, as well as people from the surrounding community, to learn and enjoy social dance. The lessons are free. Hope to see you on Fridays.
From about 8 to 9 p.m., Mr. Jim Brownfield and Ms. Lisa Wong conduct a dance lesson. Usually we spend two sessions on one dance (the waltz, the cha-cha, the tango, the Fox trot, the rhumba, west-coast swing, salsa, samba, meringue, or possibly a folk dance). After the lesson, Mr. Brownfield plays tapes of a large variety of dances, usually concluding with "The Last Waltz.
For Club meeting times during the Fall 1998 Quarter, please refer to the Balroom Dance Page.
Mr. Jim Brownfield specializes in folk dance. After the lessons, he often dances with his wife, Shake. He was a physical education instructor at Cal State Los Angeles.
Ms. Lisa Wong competes successfully in dance competitions across the United States. She also does performances for studios and in showcases.
While Mr. Brownfield and Ms. Wong have conducted this class for eleven years, recently the University Administration abruptly removed it from the intramurals program for fear of liability. To keep the club active, with some students, he organized it as a recognized campus club.
The 1998 Club officers are President Allan Angkham, Vice President Nancy Ho, and Secretary-Treasurer Weed Boctor.
Send comments or suggestions, to Allan Angkham
Web Administrator:Daniel Frankl, Associate Professor, Physical Education

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