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Health- and Skill-Related Fitness Octathlon
May 18, 2000, 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Balance is a skill-related fitness component that is defined as the ability to maintain the body in equilibrium during rest (static balance) and movement (dynamic balance).
Activity Description
Objective: Get all of the team members onto the 20" X 20" platform at the same time.
All Aboard Procedures:
After the directions are given to the group by the station facilitator, the group will have exactly ten minutes to record their best time on the platform. Team scored time starts as soon as the last team member's foot has left the ground. At that time, the station facilitator will start a stop watch and time the group's effort on the platform. Any team member making contact with the ground will result in stopping the clock and recording the time. The team will still have the opportunity for another attempt provided the ten minute activity time period has not expired. If a team is on the platform when the ten minute time period has elapsed, their scored time also ends.
All Aboard Rules:
  • NO stacking of bodies, sitting on each other, or on shoulders.
  • One foot must be on the platform at all times.
  • If any team member makes contact with the ground, the clock is stopped
All Aboard Scoring:
  • The greatest amount of time on the platform will be the determinant of score.
A team that produces times (in minutes/seconds) of 00:30, 01:00, 04:18, and 03:23 would be assigned the 04:18 performance as its final group score.
A team may repeat this event as many times as possible within the allocated 10-12 minute station activity time frame. It is legal to use substitutes during a second, third...etc. trial. The best complete performance by any one coherent group of 4 men and 4 women per team will be added to that team's overall Fitness Octathlon performance score.
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