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Christina Kimm

Special Education and Counseling

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Dr. Kimm is presently a professor in the Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles. She brings an extensive background of research in special education and rehabilitation for youths with developmental disabilities and their families. Her primary goal of research is in developing community-based services and rehabilitation programs for minority young adults with disabilities to assist them in making a smooth transition into adulthood in an integrated environment.



Dr. Kimm teaches courses in transition issues for individuals with disabilities, research methodology in special education, and instructional methodologies teaching individuals with moderate/severe disabilities in the integrated settings. Dr. Kimm teaches and conducts research in rehabilitation and integration from the multicultural/multilingual perspective. She also has expertise on transition planning and services. Currently, she is serving as a coordinator of the Teaching Specialist program in Moderate/Severe disabilities and Master's degree programs in Moderate/Severe Disabilities and Transition Studies. She is also responsible for the Transition Specialist Certificate program.



Dr. Kimm majored in special education for her doctorate degree at the University of Minnesota, and had two years of postdoctoral experience with a specialization in transition issues for students with disabilities. She has excellent qualification and professional skills to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She has completed several research projects funded by U.S. Department of Education. The major goal of her research is to investigate the unique needs and expectations of young adults with disabilities who are in transition in terms of their diverse cultural backgrounds. Currently, she is investigating the differences on the self-determination skills of students with intellectual disabilities and students with Autism.



Title Date
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Ph.D. Educational Psychology 1991

M.A. Special Education 1982



Course Course Title Day & Time Room Quarter
EDSP 579-01 Informal Assessments and ITP Thursday 4:20-7:50 PM KHC 1066 Winter 2012
EDSP 581-01 Transition Planning for Students with Mild to Severe Disabilities Wednesday 4:20-7:50 PM KHB 2015 Winter 2012
EDSP 500-01 Research Methods in Special Education Tuesday 4:20-7:50 PM KHC 1071 Winter 2012


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