Crist S. Khachikian


Professor, Civil Engineering

Director, Center for Energy and Sustainability

Director of Research, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology


Center for Energy and Sustainability
Department of Civil Engineering

College of ECST

Cal State LA

Department of Civil Engineering

California State University Los Angeles

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90032

Phone: 323-343-6002

Fax: 323-343-6316




  1. B.S. in Civil Engineering (UCLA, 1995)

  2. M.Eng. in Civil & Env. Engineering (MIT, 1996)

  3. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (UCLA, 1999)

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Research Interests

My main areas of research are:

  1. 1.Urban and Natural Watersheds – wildfire biogeochemistry, fugitive dust, and carbon sequestration

  2. 2.Particle-Contaminant Interactions – combustion emissions and grain-scale sequestration

  3. 3.Advanced Monitoring – environmental sensing and novel characterization tools to monitor contaminants, including chemical warfare agents, on urban and environmental surfaces

  4. 4.Novel Approaches to Learning – development of innovative learning platforms and the applications of novel techniques (i.e., machine learning) to study learning

Selected Publications

  1. Khachikian, C.S., D.W. Guillaume, and T.K. Pham (2011) Changes in student efforts and grade expectation in the course of a term.  European Journal of Engineering Education. 36(6): p. 595-605.

  2. Guillaume, D.W. and C.S. Khachikian (2011) The effect of time-on-task on student grades and grade expectations. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. 36(3): p. 251 - 261.

  3. Hanrahan, G., T. Fan, M. Kantor, K. Clarke, S. Cardenas, D.W. Guillaume, and C.S. Khachikian (2009) Design and Development of an Automated Flow Injection Instrument for the Determination of Arsenic Species in Natural Waters, Review of Scientific Instruments, 80(10), 104101.

  4. Pech, H.; Henry, A.; Khachikian, C.S.; Salmassi, T.M.; Hanrahan, G.; Foster, K.L. (2009) Detection of Geothermal Phosphite Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Environmental Science & Technology, 43(20), 7671-7675.

  5. Barco, R.A., Patil, D.G., Xue, W., Ke L., Khachikian, C.S., Hanrahan, G., Salmassi, T.M. (2006) The Development of Iodide-Based Methods for Batch and On-Line Determinations of Phosphite in Aqueous Samples, Talanta, 69 (5): 1292-1299.

  6. Hanrahan, G., T.M. Salmassi, C.S. Khachikian, KL. Foster (2005) Reduced Inorganic Phosphorus in the Natural Environment: Significance, Speciation and Determination, Talanta, 66(2) 435-444.