History 202B Honors
Citizenship and Rights in U.S. History
Professor Chris Endy
Fall 2013
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Assignments and Other Course Documents:

Syllabus (.pdf file)

Short Essay on LA Times Coverage of Immigration (.pdf file; LA Times articles on password-protected page)

Debate Assignment (.pdf file)

Campus Fieldwork Assignment (.pdf file)

Midterm Essay Assignment (.pdf file)

Writing Worksheets for Midterm Essay (.doc file)


Tips on Reading Books in College (.pdf file)

Tips on Writing Argumentative Essays 
(.pdf file)

Link to Cal State LA's academic honesty policy (once on the site, select for "Academic Honesty Policy" to download the document)

Link to the description of plagiarism provided by the Writing Center at the University of North Carolina

AAC&U Civic Engagement Values Rubric (.pdf file)

Online Readings

Access to Password-Protected Resources (Lecture Slide Show Files and Some Online Readings)

Three important notes to students on the slide show files:

1. These PowerPoint files are by no means a substitute for attending class.  The textual content in each PowerPoint presentation is minimal.  I am posting material here for students who wish to have a reminder of the maps and images that they saw in class.  I will try to have each lecture presentation posted within a week of the class session.

2. Many of these files contain extra slides that I did not show in class.  They usually appear at the end of each file.  If any of them pique your curiosity, you are welcome to ask about them in office hours. 

3. These files may contain images that fall under copyright protection.  I am providing these files solely for your personal, educational use.  Please do not circulate or publish these images.  Because of copyright issues, access to this website is password protected and restricted to students in my class.