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Brigitte Matthies
College of Natural and Social Sciences

Office: 3-5109
Phone: 818-416-3076
Fax: 323-343-2281

Office Hours
Tuesday 1.30-2.30pm
Thursday 1.30-2.30pm


I am a licensed clinical psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychology. I have spent much of the last 10 years teaching psychology and supervising students in the areas of research, psychological assessment and psychotherapy. I am currently the coordinator of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. Born and raised in Jamaica, I did my PhD in Montreal, Canada and most of my clinical training in the U.S. (Richmond, Virginia and San Francisco, California). I have a great appreciation of, and interest in, multicultural issues. I joined the CSULA Psychology Department in 2003.



My graduate training combined physiological and clinical psychology allowing me to pursue my broad interest in the discipline of psychology and develop competency in a variety of areas. I have enjoyed teaching undergraduate courses in Introductory Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Lab Methods, Experimental Psychology, Health Psychology, Individual and Family Therapy. I have also taught graduate courses in Ethics, Psychological Assessment, Clinical Neuropsychology, and the Psychological Treatment of Mental Health Problems. I have also run courses open to the Public on Understanding Female Sexuality and Managing Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.



My research interests are broad and reflect the many settings that I have worked in. My early Ph.D. research was on the neural mechanisms of pain and analgesia. During my post doctoral training in neuropsycholgy I became interested in the behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury. As my work became more clinical in its focus I began to collect data on cross cultural differences in relationships and mental health problems (particularly Phobias, Depression and Eating Disorders), the use of standardized psychological instruments in developing countries, the reasons for youth participation in sports, and the development of mental health education.



Title Date
Matthies, B.K. We are making a difference. Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury. January 2006. Supported by the Inter-American Development Bank. 2006
Silence, M. and Matthies, B.K. A National Survey of the Effectiveness of the KID-FIT Program in altering children’s fitness and knowledge about health-related behavior and nutrition.American Academy of Pediatrics, Atlanta, GA, October, 2006. 2006
Wong, Po Wa and Matthies, B.K. An examination of verbal abuse in married versus non-married couples: The relationship between perception of acceptability and experience. Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research, Los Angeles, CA, November 2006. 2006
Chan, V. and Matthies, B.K. Diversity of romantic relationships and friendships at California State University. Western Psychological Association, 87th Annual Convention, May 2007. 2007
Malete, L., Sullivan, P. & Matthies B.K. Examining Physical Self Perceptions and Physical. Activity Behaviors of Youths: A Cultural Extension of the PSPP. International Journal of Sport Psychology. In Press. In Press



PhD Clinical Psychology 1993

  • McGill University
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Course Course Title Day and Time Room Quarter
436A- Counseling and Psychotherapy T/Th 11.40 KHB3020 Fall 2008