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courses of interest

CHS 111 - Cultural Diversity and Chicanos

Examines cultural diversity in U.S. society from Chicano Studies perspective. Explores historical and contemporary relationships, conflict, and reconciliation among major cultural groups.

CHS 255 - Diverse Latin American Populations in Southern California

The formation of and differences among the varied Latin American people in the Southern California region and their participation in contemporary society. 

CHS 355 - Introduction to Principles of Research in Chicano Studies

Introduction to the logic and principles of social inquiry to enable students to make knowledgeable decisions in designing, conducting, and interpreting empirical research. Draws on empirical scholarship in Chicano Studies. 

CHS 410 - Chicano Psychology

Prerequisite: PSY 150. Chicano community psychology; focus on relationships among individuals and families, groups, complex organizations; social problems and collective behavior.

CHS 430 - Chicano Political Behavior

Prerequisite: CHS 111. Socioeconomic and political factors that provide formative framework for unique political behavior patterns characteristically existing in the Chicano community.

CHS 450 - Research on Community Problems

Prerequisites: CHS 111, ENGL 102*. Satisfactory completion of WPE, and senior standing. Emphasizes special issues of Mexican/Latino communities. This course requires service learning. *Students subject to earlier catalogs satisfy this prerequisite with ENGL 101 or 190.

CHS 485 - Health and Chicano/Latino Families

Examines health issues among Mexicans, Chicano, Mexican Americans and other Latin Americans emphasizing the interplay between the political economy, health, family and community.

CHS 503 - Seminar: Research Methods in Chicano Studies

Analysis of research methods with emphasis on behavioral theory and methodologies applied to special fields of culture, including history, psychology, politics, education, economics, language; current social issues in Chicano/a Latino/a communities.

CHS 504 - Seminar: Chicano Psychological Issues

Prerequisite: PSY 150 or CHS 410. Selected psychological issues of Chicanos including such topics as cultural psychodynamics, the fully functioning Chicano, special psychological problems, therapy and counseling effectiveness, and social psychological models.

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