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Barbara A. Boyer
Office: FA 354
Phone: (323) 343.4024
FAX: (323) 343.4045

Introduction  | Teaching Interests  | Research Interests
Educational Background


I am a Professor in Art Education and past Chair of the Art Department at CSLA. My studio background has been in painting and stage design. I have an extensive art teaching background in the public schools including elementary through high school, administrative experience at the high school level, and teaching art education in undergraduate and doctoral programs at the university level. My research interests are in visual learning theories as they relate to aesthetics, cultural diversity, and technology.

Teaching Interests

My major teaching interest at CSLA is in art education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I hve been working to integrate learning theories in art, culture, and instructional technology into my teaching. My major goal is to prepare teachers to use art and technology in a collaborative-open classroom to promote both imaginative and critical thinking.

Research Interests

My research and publications have focused on art education, social-cultural learning theories, and instructional technology. My work has appeared in professional refereed journals, chapters in anthologies, and I have co-authored a text with Dr. Penny Semrau, "Using Interactive Video In Education" published by Allyn & Bacon. I recently was awarded a University Grant to research Desktop Videoconferencing with Penny.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Art Education
[*]University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

M.A. Art Education
[*]San Jose State University
San Jose. California

B.S. Art and Art Education
Buffalo, New York