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Physics Education Research Group - Publications


Presentations (External)

Title Author Date
"Physics Education Research: A Scientific Approach to Physics Learning", Science Series Lectures, CSULA, Los Angeles, CA. Albert H. Lee 5/12/10
"Using Clickers to Improve Student Learning", Faculty Development Center, CSULA, Los Angeles, CA. Albert H. Lee 5/27/10
Workshop: "A New Methodology for Using Clickers in Lecture Classrooms", AAPT Summer Meeting, Portland, OR. Neville W. Reay, Thomas Carter, Lin Ding, and Albert Lee 7/18/10
Workshop: "A Research-based Methodology for Using Clickers", AAPT Summer Meeting, Omaha, NE. Lin Ding, Tom Carter, Albert Lee, and Neville W. Reay 7/30/11


Publications (External)

Title Author Date


Group Meetings (Internal)

Title Author Date
"Physics Education Research Thesis Presentation 1: Current GUI Status/Design Discussion" Paul K. Best 2/22/10
"Thesis Project Presentation 2" Paul K. Best 3/17/10


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