Imagine a single dot on a ping pong ball.  How would you describe its location?  That would be very difficult.  The same is true of locations on the Earth’s surface.  This problem has been solved with latitude and longitude lines. 




How to find latitude and longitude.

1.     Go to a starting point – equator (latitude); Prime Meridian (longitude)

2.     Determine which direction you much go – north-south (latitude); east-west (longitude).

3.     Determine the distance you must go in degrees – 0º-90º (latitude); 0º-180º (longitude)

§         It is customary to give the lines of latitude first and then longitude, i.e. 35º north 75º east




Read Appendix III in the back of your textbook.

1.   Latitude and longitude are measured in: A) miles  B) kilometers  C) degrees D) hours


2.   Which lines run north and south along the earth's surface? Choose all that apply.  A) latitude lines  B) longitude lines  C) Equator  D) Prime Meridian


3.   The starting line for measuring latitude is the:  A) Prime Meridian  B) Arctic Circle  C) International Dateline  D) Equator


4.   The highest number of degrees in latitude is 90.  A) True  B) False 


5.   Degrees of latitude and longitude can be divided into: Choose all that apply.  A) hours  B) minutes  C) seconds D) days


6.   What is the total number of degrees of longitude east or west of the Prime Meridian? _______


7.   When finding longitude, what is your first step?  A) Determine the direction  B) Locate the Equator  C) Determine the distance  D) Go to the starting line


8.   Longitude tells you the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian.  A) True  B) False


9.   Is the correct terminology for describing the location of the Equator.   A) 0 degrees east  B) 0 degrees latitude  C) 0 degrees north  D) 0 degrees longitude


10. What are some of the ways in which we use latitude and longitude in everyday life? Choose all that apply.  A) To aim missiles in the military  B) To locate the survivors of a plane crash  C) To license CB raido base stations  D) To determine the height of a skyscraper


11. When stating the absolute location of a place, you always give the longitude first.  A) True  B) False


Use the map below to answer the remaining questions:


12. Which letter is located at 50 degrees north and 120 degrees east? _______


13. An airplane crashes at 40 degrees north and 60 degrees east. What letter would you travel to to hunt for survivors? _______


14. What continent would you be on at 10 degrees south and 70 degrees west? _______


15. The intersection of the Equator and the Prime Meridian, would be located in which ocean? _______


16. You receive a radio SOS call that a boat is sinking at 20 degrees south and 100 degrees east.   To rescue the people you would have to travel to which ocean? _______


17. Which continent is located at 20 degrees south, 140 degrees east? _______